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█   Service Essentials – Service experience design as a key strategy to maximise life-time value of the customer

In a nutshell… Many businesses are like “leaky buckets” – they spend a lot of money to win new customers, but then pay too little attention to keeping them…and customers “leak out” silently, often never to return We build profitable businesses by maximising the life-time value of our customers. Designing the end-to-end customer experience is […]

█   Service Essentials – “Can-Do” Rules for Happy Customers

In a nutshell…  Blind adherence to rules can and does lead to unhappy customers. A “can-do” philosophy to rules is customer-driven – where the aim is to create a happy customer Many companies have unwritten and unspoken philosophies that rules are restrictions – a “cannot-do” approach to rules Companies have a choice of being customer-driven […]

█   Employeeship – A New Way of Thinking

In a nutshell… There is a lot of attention on what it takes to be a leader and manager. However, leaders and managers need good employees. There are scores of books and training courses to help us become better leaders and managers. However, there are few books and courses on the subject of being a […]

█   Branded Culture – Brand Building at the Speed of Trust

The essence of changing behaviour is to speak to people’s feelings 10% of Charlie’s time is spent on strategyHe spends 90% of his time focusing on how to engage people to deliver on the strategy Senior Management invests a very significant amount of time to be visible throughout the national Prudential networkThis has a number […]

█   Branded Culture – Changing Service Mind-sets: It Starts at the Top

In a nutshell…  I have four key questions to ask you: How much is the service inconsistency problem costing you? Has the senior management team defined the desired customer experience? How much attention is senior management actively devoting to culture and employee engagement? How well is your senior management perceived to be living your company […]

█   Service Essentials – Certainty and the Customer Experience

In a nutshell…  Certainty builds confidence and trust. Customers who do not know the process that lies ahead of them can become stressed, annoyed and frustrated. Our role as customer service providers is to “shine a light into the dark tunnels of uncertainty” for our customers. You will build confidence in your organisation by aiming […]

█   Branded Culture –The New Paradigm: Achieving Sales Through Service

In a nutshell Great service sells. The Old Paradigm is that service is a cost, and sales is the engine that drives the company. The New Paradigm is that the service experience is a key driver of sales. Enterprise Rent-a-Car grew its business by US$5 billion in 7 years by focusing on the customer experience. It kept a […]

█   Branded Culture – Brand Lip Service Leadership

In a nutshell… “Brand Lip Service Leadership” refers to senior leadership teams that verbalise that the customer experience is critical to success, but then have a short term profit focus. The result is cost cutting that slices into the customer experience and saps employee morale at the same time. A practical example is provided of […]

█   Leadership Essentials – The Invisible Conspiracy

Summary  The Invisible Conspiracy refers to situations where self-interest leads to behaviours that can significantly hold back team performance. These behaviours are referred to as the “Invisible Conspiracy” as those engaged in the negative team behaviours are harming the organisation, and yet are blind to the impact that they are having. The paradox is that […]

█   Service Essentials – Managing Customer Perceptions of Time

Service Essentials Summary  Time is measurable – there are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day However, our perception of time varies Sometimes time seems to drag, while at other times it goes quickly We can keep our customers happy by managing their perceptions of how long it will take to […]

█   Leadership Essentials – The Art of the Question

Summary  Successful people have learned the art of the question. Without realizing it, we often handle employees and family members less than effectively because of our natural impulse to tell, rather than to listen. A poor manager will think that he has to have all the right answers, while a good leader knows that the […]

█   Leadership Essentials – Gold Medal Leadership

Summary: The difference between peak performing leaders and the rest is that they focus on the few things that make the biggest impact. This article identifies the 6 disciplines of Gold Medal Leadership: 1. Be clear on what gold looks like 2. Effective communication 3. Get out of the way 4. Take your own medicine […]

█   Service Essentials – The Amplification Effect

Las Vegas, July 2010. I took a cab from the McCarran Airport to my hotel, located about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. The annual TMI World Congress was being held at this hotel. I was looking forward to seeing my TMI colleagues from around the world and to bring new consulting and training […]

█   September 2010: Branded Culture – Zappos: Creating a Viral Brand Powered by Culture and Service

I think that I have got a contagious virus. Don’t fret. It’s a happy virus. I caught it from a company that I recently visited while in Las Vegas. The symptoms are that I want to tell everyone that I meet about this company. In the United States, the symptoms are even more visible. The […]

█   Leadership Essentials – The Bad News Disease

The HR Manager was on edge. He was about to present his report to the CEO and the senior management team. His research brief had been to conduct an analysis of the company’s culture and to make recommendations for improvement. He had sweated on this for months. After running hours of focus groups and face-to-face […]

█   Leadership Essentials – Starvation in Corporate Malaysia

I can’t believe it. We are in the 21st century, and we have starvation in corporate Malaysia. I’m not talking about food-deprived starvation. Rather, I’m talking about another type of human need – the need to be motivated through positive reinforcement at work. My observation is that rather undesirable management behaviours are tolerated, and even […]

█   Branded Culture – Ingredients For Brand Success

Union Square, New York, lunch time. My wife Poh Lan and I had just bought a few books from the enormous Barnes and Noble book store. Hunger was quickly rolling in, like dark, ominous tropical thunderclouds. We turned right as we left the store and crossed the road. We found ourselves in front of Pret […]

█   Leadership Essentials – A Recipe for Effective Leadership

This article is about a man whose decisions may already have had an impact on your life. Or the life of one of your friends or relatives. And, as time goes on, his impact on Malaysian society will multiply. Mr Lee Weng Keng has a lot of responsibility resting on his shoulders. He is the […]

█   Branded Culture – Internal Communication as the key Instrument of Change

Picture this. You are a successful professional in the world of communications. You are respected. You have “cracked the code” – the code to success in your industry. Life is looking pretty good. And then, you meet a man. You decide to jump ship. It’s a flying ship. It’s Malaysia Airlines. Add one “minor” detail. […]

█   Branded Culture – People, People, People Makes Good Business Sense

I have a confession to make. I’m a fan of Irene Dorner. It’s not that she is one of the most powerful bankers in Malaysia. It’s not that she had a highly successful banking career with HSBC in the UK, spanning Marketing, HR, Treasury Operations and has led a 400 branch region in the UK […]

█   Leadership Essentials – Turning Employees into Leaders and Entrepreneurs

I have just returned from TMI’s World Congress in Athens. This is an annual event where people from the TMI offices around the world get together and share experiences and know-how to bring back to their respective countries. One of the guest speakers at the Congress runs a company that has been voted Best Place […]

█   Branded Culture – Lessons From A Teddy Bear Shop

In a copycat world, where news travels at the speed of nanoseconds, achieving sustainable competitive advantage has become a real challenge in business today. Branding has therefore become a hot topic in business. The aim of branding is to create a unique space for your company, enclosed by a strong fortress. A fortress that is […]

█   Service Essentials – Go the Extra Mile in Service Recovery

My brother lives on a beautiful property in Florida, USA. His idyllic “log cabin” is surrounded by tall trees. It backs onto a lake. He can look out from his home to the deck on the lake from where he launches his boat. Sounds good doesn’t it? Joe Wade, from Southern Tree Services, Florida, came […]

█   Service Essentials – A Legendary Business Turnaround Story

In this article, we will share with you a legendary business turnaround success story. Whilst it’s about an airline, the principles that we discuss could equally apply across time periods, across industry types and across national boundaries. Let’s put you in the picture. The energy crisis of 1979 was biting into the international airline industry. […]

█   Service Essentials – Winning Your Customers Over

If we were to treat customer service as a team game, there would be an Opening Game, a Middle Game and an End game. The aim is to play the customer service game well in all phases, from opening to end. However, it often doesn’t happen like that. Let me explain. I was in a well known coffee shop […]

█   The Bad News Disease

In a nutshell… Many CEOs and managers who are afflicted by the Bad News Disease are surrounded by information vacuums. By the time information gets to them, it is filtered to exclude adverse information. This leads to less than optimal decision making. This article talks about the causes of the Bad News Disease and how […]

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