Human Side of Quality

TMI has just introduced two highly successful training programs that have saved organisations overseas millions of dollars as well as thousands of hours of unproductive time.


If human error, reworks, sloppy work and mistakes are an issue in your organisation, then these programs – focusing on personal and team quality – can help.

In brief:

Benefits to participants:

  • Come away with a new personal quality mind set and
  • simple techniques to reduce mistakes, improve the quality of their work to increase the confidence that people have in them and their teams.

The benefits to your organisation

  • Savings of potentially millions of ringgit
  • Savings of thousands of hours of managers’ time who no longer have to spend long hours checking and re-checking the work of others
  • Increased productivity in your organisation through lower error rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to lower human error


For more detailed information, please click on the link below:

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5 reasons to call TMI Consultancy

  1. Powerfully effective Intellectual Property: We have 2 strong international consulting & training companies under our umbrella — TMI & TACK International.
    You will have access to a wide range of World Class consulting & learning solutions, customised for Malaysian companies.

  2. Our focus is on YOU.

  3. You will find that we listen first and then work with you to co-create a solution for your needs

  4. Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

  5. Focus on ROI for your organisation: We focus on implementation and change in the workplace, at personal, team or organisational level.
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