Our Story

TMI Consultancy Sdn Bhd

George Aveling, an Australian, moved to Kuala Lumpur in February 2005 to open the TMI Malaysia office. This was the 36th office that TMI had opened around the world.

George came to Malaysia with a laptop, a suitcase, two boxes of books – and a dream. The dream was to build TMI into a respected organisational development and training organisation in Malaysia.

TMI Malaysia started with a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur as we didn’t have any clients visiting.  With very little income, the office was later shifted to George’s apartment.

Imagine this…

A little spare bedroom in an apartment, two working desks, one photocopier, one bookcase, one fax and a storage cupboard! George was the only CEO in the world whose office was in the photocopy room.

It was hard work, trying to make new contacts, trying to win business when TMI Malaysia did not have a track record in Malaysia.  Prospective clients would say, “What have you done in Malaysia?” At first, the answer was, “Nothing.”

A small number of people and companies placed their faith in TMI. We started to get a few breakthroughs in helping companies develop world class customer experiences, and leaders who would engage their people to do so.  It was hard work all the way. Faith and the vision kept us going. And, in the process, the TMI team expanded with the addition of talented, passionately committed individuals.

TMI Malaysia today…Fast forward through countless presentations, cold contacts, a range of other business building activities, and most of all, delivering on the promise.

We have a team of talented, dedicated people, with great consultants and trainers. Our client base continues to grow. More importantly, they are happy to recommend us to others. We are making a difference!

In late 2007, we proudly took on another brand – TACK International. This is an international sales and management training consultancy. TACK helps TMI to offer a wider range of solutions to our clients.

In a nutshell… WHAT we do

Talk to us if you want to build your business by

  • Differentiating through your customer experience.
  • Engaging your people to deliver
  • Having leaders who lead
  • Improving your sales

In a nutshell… HOW we do it

  • Our focus is on  YOU.
  • You will find that we listen first and then work with you to develop solution for your needs
  • Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

In a nutshell… a truly global team

TMI has more than 400 trainers and consultants working in more than 22 languages worldwide. We have resource centers based in over 40 countries around the world. Our global client base is from the “Who’s Who” of global companies, as well as thousands of smaller companies around the world.

The journey continues…

The exciting journey of TMI Malaysia continues…

Stay tuned for even greater things to come.

5 reasons to call TMI Consultancy

  1. Powerfully effective Intellectual Property: We have 2 strong international consulting & training companies under our umbrella — TMI & TACK International.
    You will have access to a wide range of World Class consulting & learning solutions, customised for Malaysian companies.

  2. Our focus is on YOU.

  3. You will find that we listen first and then work with you to co-create a solution for your needs

  4. Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

  5. Focus on ROI for your organisation: We focus on implementation and change in the workplace, at personal, team or organisational level.
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