• Branded Culture – Lessons From A Teddy Bear Shop

    In a copycat world, where news travels at the speed of

    nanoseconds, achieving sustainable competitive advantage has

    become a real challenge in business today. Branding has therefore

    become a hot topic in business. The aim of branding is to create a

    unique space for your company, enclosed by a strong fortress. A

    fortress that is difficult for competitors to penetrate.

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    Branding has traditionally been associated with visual image,

    advertising and slogans. In this article, I will discuss how you can

    build an even stronger brand fortress. You can do so by creating

    your company’s unique branded service experience.

    I was in Las Vegas recently, and my TMI colleagues told me, “You

    must visit Build-a-Bear Workshop (they call their shops

    Workshops).” I was not sure what all the fuss was about, but, based

    on the strong recommendations, I just had to visit the Build-a-Bear

    Workshop. Build-a-Bear is based on the idea of your child (or, in

    this case, my wife and I) creating your own teddy bear. The Mission

    of Build-A-Bear Workshop is to bring the Teddy Bear to life. Staff at

    Build-a-Bear know that their role is to create a memorable

    experience that brings a teddy bear to life for the customer. You

    begin the process by choosing your bear (which at this stage is an

    empty shell that has not been stuffed), you fill it with stuffing to give it

    shape, you give it a heart (and whisper special blessings into it

    before you insert it), you give your bear a sound, you choose its

    clothes, you give it a name, you give it a birth certificate and then

    you take it home in its own cardboard bear home. The shops are

    colourful and vibrant. They are staffed by relatively young people.

    And it is the staff that makes the difference to the fabulous Build-a-

    Bear experience. I went to three Build-a-Bear shops in the US and

    in each case, the employees were having fun, helping their

    customers create a cuddly, furry friend to take home. It was totally

    authentic. There was nothing scripted. And it has created huge

    success for Build-a-Bear.

    Build-a-Bear is a highly successful, growing international business

    that turns over USD$304m a year. Yes, that’s 304 million dollars in

    teddy bears and teddy bear outfits! It has achieved this by designing

    a brand, then designing a brand experience around that brand. I will

    tell thousands of people about my Build-a-Bear experience. I’m

    doing so in writing about it in this article. It was not of the quality of

    their graphic design, or the quality of their bears that grabbed me.

    Rather, it was the quality of the brand experience that I was given

    from the time that I entered the shop, that turned a teddy bear

    purchase into an emotional experience!


    at Build a

    Bear know

    that their role

    is to bring a

    teddy bear to


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    From Teddy Bears to Your Business

    So what has this got to do with you? No matter what business you

    are in – whether you are in industries including hospitality, banking,

    insurance, telecommunications, hospitals or retail – you can

    strengthen your differentiation by delivering on the branded service


    The process starts with your company clearly defining the brand

    experience that you wish your customers to have. We need to go

    beyond traditional “give good service” models. This is important, but

    it’s no longer a differentiator. We need to move to the next level – to

    give your customers the experience that you have defined.

    South West Airlines is another great example. It is by far the most

    successful airline in the United States. It offers a brand experience

    that is defined by low fares, fun and love, where love refers to care

    and respect. Employees deliver on the promise – fun and love.

    Customers are known to have fun on South West Airlines flights.

    There have even been occasions where a passenger coming on

    board opened his overhead storage to find a flight attendant inside.

    Now that’s a funny surprise! And customers vote with their dollars by

    growing this airline’s passenger traffic. South West realizes that it

    goes beyond being polite and giving good service. It is about

    delivering on the South West Airlines experience.

    You can strengthen your brand fortress from attacks by competitors

    by defining your unique brand experience. The challenge is then to

    shape your culture and to align your systems to enable delivery of

    your brand promise. A TMI study showed that the impact of your

    brand advertising is magnified when your people deliver the brand

    experience. Your HR Department can magnify the return on

    investment from your branding efforts by creating a branded service


    Business is indeed tough these days. Success requires different

    thinking. Developing an “on-brand” culture that delivers branded

    service experience represents an opportunity for your company to

    develop a competitive advantage that will be difficult to copy. Build

    your brand fortress. Reinforce it with the brand experience. The

    result will be market share and sustainable growth. If you want solid

    proof, just ask companies like Build-a-Bear and South West Airlines.

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    when your


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    by delivering

    your branded



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    And one last point…for you to build your brand fortress may require

    that you take down the invisible walls between marketing and HR so

    that they work closely together for the same brand objectives.


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