Branded Culture

Build your organisation your unique brand – from the inside out

Your organisation has probably spent a huge amount of money to develop your brand.  You want to get a great return on investment on all of your marketing and promotion, right?

So here’s the secret…you create a culture that is focused on delivering your brand promise. A leadership culture that lives the brand values, and has the mind-set and skills to engage their teams to do so as well.  A service culture that has the mind-set and skills to deliver on the brand promise.

In TMI’s words, would you like to create a branded culture?

Or, put in other words, can you afford NOT to have an organisation with the mind-set and skills to build your company, your brand?

The short answer is “no”.

Bridge the gap between the brand you promote and the brand experience you deliver!

TMI’s Branded Customer Service consulting, implementation and training solution is the most comprehensive brand implementation process available on the market. Branded Customer Service bridges the gap between

  • The development and promotion of a brand, and
  • Having the whole organisation focus on delivering on the brand promise.
If you want to take service to the next level, Branded Customer Service is for you!

We can help you define your branded customer experience, measure for it, communicate to reinforce it and engage people to deliver on it.

Talk to TMI about who you can build your brand from the inside out. After all, it is your people, your culture and the skills of our people that will be the key drivers of your success.

Talk to us if you want change or if you want training – we have enormous resources to draw on.

TMI will guide you to go beyond this to build the branded customer experience into your recruitment, communication, on-boarding, leadership development, training, complaints management, performance management and measurement processes.

Branded Culture

Your reputation delivered by your people

Customers will evaluate your brand based on their experience – and the expectation you create through your marketing. Leverage the power of your brand to mobilise the potential in people, create competitive advantage and transform the customer experience.


Instilling new vitality and purpose for enhanced performance through empowering “bottom-up leadership”. TMI’s innovative Employeeship workshop focuses on what it takes to be an effective employee focusing on 3 key factors: responsibility, loyalty and initiative.

Unique features:

  • Business case for Employeeship.
  • Employeeship attitudes and behaviours.
  • Three key Employeeship factors: r esponsibility, loyalty and initiative.
  • Responsibility is for everyone.
  • Responsibility is a choice.
  • How to deal with loyalty conflicts.
  • Initiative – taking your ideas into action.
  • Personal productivity and Employeeship
  • Personal relations and Employeeship
  • Personal quality and Employeeship
  • Employeeship for Managers
  • Creating a “we culture”
  • Employeeeship systems and policies

The workshop will incorporate the organisation’s mission, values and key initiatives


2 days

Target Participants

All new employees within 30 days after joining





The foundation for business success

Customer experience matters when it comes to repeat business and recommendation. Advertising and marketing may get the customer to try your products or services, but most customers base their judgement of whether to return primarily on their experience. And it is the service offered that often influences this experience.

Customer Service and Complaints Handling

Customer Service Transformation

Branded Customer Experience – Organisational Service Culture Change

It’s not just service – it’s your branded customer experience! Your people will deliver a customer experience that is aligned with your values and your brand promise.

Branded Customer Experience is the new way of thinking. TMI will help you build competitive advantage and build your brand through customer service and the customer experience.

The result? You will have distinctive Branded Customer Experiences that build your business!

If you are looking for a comprehensive process to transform your service culture, give TMI a call. Our expertise in branded customer service consulting and training processes are now available in Malaysia.

Customer Service Training Programs

Putting People First

Most customer service training programs say, “Customer service is all about attitudes” – and then they teach skills. Putting People First is a highly motivational training program that changes people’s attitudes. This is one of the most unique and successful customer service training programs in the world.

A Complaint is a Gift

This acclaimed program will change the attitudes of your staff towards customer complaints. They will become skilled in using TMI’s 8 Step GIFT formula to help them turn unhappy customers into loyal, raving fans!

Leading the On-Brand Customer Experience

A workshop for managers to help them develop and lead teams that deliver astounding service!

Living the On-Brand Customer Experience

This workshop, targeted to all employees, connects all employees to the experience that customers want to receive – and shows them how to deliver!

On-Brand Internal Communications Workshop

How do you engage your staff to deliver the best customer experience? Internal communications plays a major role in engaging staff to deliver the very best customer experience. This workshop will help find the On-Brand “voice” for your internal communications. By the end of the workshop, you will have an internal communications plan that will engage and excite your employees to deliver! Ask TMI about our internal communications audit that can be conducted as a part of this process.

HR On-Brand Workshop

Your HR department plays a critical role in creating the very best service culture. This workshop will help HR develop priorities and internal communications that promote a great service culture.

5 reasons to call TMI Consultancy

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    You will have access to a wide range of World Class consulting & learning solutions, customised for Malaysian companies.

  2. Our focus is on YOU.

  3. You will find that we listen first and then work with you to co-create a solution for your needs

  4. Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

  5. Focus on ROI for your organisation: We focus on implementation and change in the workplace, at personal, team or organisational level.
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