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Your people are working longer hours. They are being loaded with more information and more priorities. They seem to get lost in their sea of emails. They are not feeling in control of their work lives. They are getting more and more stressed.

TMI and TACK have helped over 3 million people around the world to achieve more and regain control of their work lives. TMI’s powerful personal development and productivity programs



Habits for an effective workplace

The universal job specification for any business leader is to consistently deliver on-target business performance. This can be achieved by enhancing individual and team effectiveness to help you meet the business challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Managing Stress and Increasing Productivity

If it is a choice it is mine to make

Business Needs:

Doing more and multi-tasking is fast becoming the norm of successful executives. The many who are successful are able to manage the pressure and stress created in the job in constructive ways.

The last thing good organisations want is for their talents and support team members to circum to stress at the workplace as this will reduce their productivity and engagement levels.

Who will benefit:

All employees

Key Learning Points

Managing stress

  • Stress definition
  • Stress and performance
  • Human function curve
  • Fight or flight
  • The stress response
  • Positive effect of stress – winner behaviour
  • Negative effect of stress – loser behaviour
  • Stressors
  • Stress signals – physical, mental, emotional an behavioural
  • Techniques to manage your stress
  • Stress and service level
  • Stress management action plan


  • Types of behaviour – passive, aggressive and assertive
  • When appropriate?
  • Self-esteem
  • Saying “no” and remaining friends

Engagement – Putting people first

  • The psychological concept of time invested building relationships – isolation, rituals, pastime, activities and intimacy.
  • Positive vs negative thinking
  • Areas that I can improve on to increase my productivity
  • The first 4 minutes – bring your heart everywhere
  • Percy the pike story

Workshop Information

Duration: 1 day<
Number of participants: 20 per workshop

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

First be a winner, then help others to be winners too

Assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem are interlinked and have a strong correlation in determining successes in your career and whole-life balance. Becoming a victim to your self and to others is not an option anymore. With greater self awareness and personal development, this behaviour can be groomed for greater sales and personal successes.

You will learn how to…

  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence – and the correlation with career successes.
  • Build confidence – through thinking, speaking, appearing, acting and being confident.
  • Understand the self-concept – covering self-ideal, self-image and self-esteem to unlock your potential.
  • Build the seven ingredients for success – to build your own confidence level.
  • Safeguard and defend your basic human rights – practice the philosophy of assertion.
  • Use the golden rules of negotiation – to build your self-confidence and achieve a fair outcome for both.
  • Manage the boss and deal with office politics – comes about only if you are confident of your ability and you understand your boss’ and colleague’s motivation.

High Spots

  • The psychology of success – personal goals exercise towards self discovery and a reality check.
  • Questionnaire on Assertion Rights – a TACK tool to help you understand your capacity to be assertive.
  • Behaviour style selfassessment – to better understanding your assertiveness profile.
  • Practice session – using the skills to achieve a desired outcome and self insights.

Who will benefit?

Participants who face issues keeping up with their reasonable workload or their team’s workload.Anyone who wants to be successful in sales, professional career and building positive relationships.


A workout for the brain. Unlocking you creativity and releasing innovation and effective thinking

Unique features:

  • Unlocking Creativity – a business case for the brain.
  • Defining, measuring and overcoming barriers to creativity.
  • Life-long learning and creativity techniques.
  • Creating a reading Strategy to improve reading speed.
  • Relaxation techniques and improving concentration.
  • A business case for Brain Mapping.
  • Building a Brain map and effective note taking.
  • A business case for improving memory.
  • Applying the principles of effective presentations.



2 days

Target Participants

Everyone who are required to think and strategize, solve problems and/or innovate.

Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Workshop Objectives

This 2-day interactive and practical program will enable you

  • To understand yourself better and relate more effectively with others
  • To build on your skills in developing relationships with both internal and external customers
  • To deal with conflict that arise in relationships

Key Learning Points

  • To apply the components of Emotional Intelligence – increasing your chances of business success.
  • To use persuasion to deliver the desired results – understand your style and adapt it to get the best from every situation.
  • To negotiate effectively – to achieve your objectives whilst maintaining a strong relationship.
  • To deal with conflict situations assertively.
  • To solve problems – and make effective decisions.
  • To apply the TACK Executive Profile – understand yourself and how you come across by receiving structured feedback from your fellow delegates.
    Target Audience
  • Executive and Managers

Workshop Information

  • Days: 2 days
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • No of Participants: 16-20
  • Facilitator: Jackie Siew
  • Professional Fee: RM12,000
  • Workbook: RM30 per pax

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