Successful Personal Quality Programs run by TMI

TMI has successfully introduced powerful new thinking in Malaysia in the area of the Human Side of Quality.

Our public program, featuring Conor O’Connell, our Global Personal Quality Expert,  was full booked well in advance.

This demonstrated that personal quality and human error reduction and major issues on the minds of companies in Malaysia.

The feedback from participants was excellent. A number of companies have approached TMI to have Personal Quality programs run for their staff in-company.

“Personal Quality adds a vital missing link  – the human factor – in the area of quality management,” said George Aveling, CEO, TMI Malaysia.

“TMI’s Personal Quality Programs have been found to have a quick, tangible impact on companies in terms of reduced errors, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.”

TMI Malaysia has a team of highly skilled local trainers who can run the Personal Quality Programs in-house.

“We look forward to helping companies build their quality  cultures by working on the human factor with our Personal Quality Programs,” George said.

5 reasons to call TMI Consultancy

  1. Powerfully effective Intellectual Property: We have 2 strong international consulting & training companies under our umbrella — TMI & TACK International.
    You will have access to a wide range of World Class consulting & learning solutions, customised for Malaysian companies.

  2. Our focus is on YOU.

  3. You will find that we listen first and then work with you to co-create a solution for your needs

  4. Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

  5. Focus on ROI for your organisation: We focus on implementation and change in the workplace, at personal, team or organisational level.
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