TMI Explores New Thinking To Make Learning Stick!

On 1 Dec 2016, TMI Malaysia held a Maxi workshop titled “Learning Shift! New Thinking To Make Learning Stick”. It was attended by more than 30 invited guests and explored the challenges and opportunities of making learning stick at the workplaces, including using digital, social media and mobile platforms.

Special invited speaker was Monir Azzouzi, Head of Performance and Development from Maxis Berhad, who shared Maxis’s own learning and development journey in the digital world.

Check out highlights from the event from the video below.

5 reasons to call TMI Consultancy

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  2. Our focus is on YOU.

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  4. Our solutions include consulting, workshops, training, measurement processes and workplace learning processes

  5. Focus on ROI for your organisation: We focus on implementation and change in the workplace, at personal, team or organisational level.
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